Wound Management

In most hospitals, many patients happen to be suffering from chronic wounds. A chronic wound does not heal quickly. A wound that is flooded with edema or one that is poorly vascularized will not heal. Even though all surgeons close wounds, at times it is necessary to visit a plastic surgery clinic.

Are you suffering from a chronic wound and have tried everything without success? If this is the case, you can benefit from the services offered by the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai. We have some of the best surgeons at SkinNsculpt. The treatments they offer can enhance the healing of your wound and reduce scarring even if the wound is large. All individuals and surgeons are different. Our skilled surgeons can determine the kind of wound you are suffering from and take the best course of action for your specific circumstance.

Unlike in the past where doctors used sutures or stitches to close wounds, today surgeons perform plastic surgery for skin. They use various materials including adhesives, absorbable sutures, tape and synthetic sutures. After undergoing plastic surgery, you should follow the instruction the surgeon gives you. Our surgeons will give you the best instructions to ensure that your wound heals within a short period.