Microvascular Surgery

Undergo Microvascular Surgery at Our Plastic Surgery Clinic

Microvascular surgery involves using operating microscopes to help surgeons perform various reconstructive procedures. The high magnification enables surgeons to perform surgery on tiny blood vessels like the ones which are only three to five millimeters in diameter. The best plastic surgeons can sew these small blood vessels and nerves with needles and sutures that are finer than a human hair.

Besides repairing damaged blood vessels and nerves, micro vascular surgery makes it possible to carry out complicated reconstructive procedures by moving muscle, skin, intestine, and bone from one area of the body to another. Through microvascular surgery, the surgeons at Skinnsculpt can attach severed hands, fingers and other organs to the body by reconnecting the blood vessels and restoring blood circulation before the tissue begins to die.

Microvascular surgery is significantly helpful when there is a large wound that cannot be closed with simple skin grafting or nearby tissues. Our plastic surgery clinic offers this type of surgery for people who have complex wounds, chronic wounds, chronic bone infections, soft tissue tumors and people who need post burn reconstruction among other procedures.