Many people get tattoos done on their bodies. They …..Some may get temporary….
But you may wish to get rid……You may feel like it is time….

Do You Want to Remove a Tattoo? – Seek Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment

SkinNsculpt is well known for performing tattoo removal in Mumbai. Our cosmetic surgeons are highly experienced and have successfully assisted many people to remove tattoos. They have a lot of expertise and training. They also use the best technology.

Tattoo removal laser treatment usually needs multiple treatment sessions for it to be successful. The results of this treatment differ depending on the pigmentation of the patient and the colors of the tattoo. Different lasers are needed to treat the different colors of a tattoo.

The Q-switched ruby laser is an example of the lasers used to remove tattoos. It works by featuring a short pulse with superior absorption and higher power to eliminate complex tattoos without causing damage to the surrounding skin. We also use Fraxel laser treatments to remove tattoos.

After visiting our cosmetic surgery clinic, our competent dermatologists will perform the procedure. The professionals will administer a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. They will also make schedule repetitive treatment sessions at an interval of one month or two to ensure that the tattoo is eliminated completely.