Facial Mole / Cyst Excisions

Cosmetic Facial Surgery as a Remedy for Facial Moles and Cysts

Moles, lesions, skin tags, cysts and other blemishes are benign. However, in rare cases, moles can turn into cancerous growths. Although some people are not troubled by these blemishes, others prefer having them removed, especially if they cause irritation. At SkinNsculpt, we offer various methods of facial mole or cyst excisions that will give you clear, smooth skin.

We can perform cosmetic facial surgery to remove moles and cysts. We can perform the removal procedure through surgical or laser techniques. The laser option utilizes resurfacing beams to clear small moles and skin tags. If there is unwanted hair in the area, we can use laser hair removal to clear it.

Our cosmetic surgeons can also use surgical excision to remove cysts and moles. To perform this procedure, the area around the mole or cyst will be cleaned and made surgically sterile. A local anesthetic will then be administered around the area. When the area becomes numb, the surgeon will gently remove the mole or cyst using the appropriate surgical instruments.