Facial Fractures

Undergo Plastic Surgery to Deal with Facial Fractures

A facial fracture affects the soft tissue and the bone structure of your face. If you have a facial fracture, you can feel devastated and lose your self-confidence. You can suffer facial fractures when playing sports such as soccer or football or after a crash when riding a bicycle or a skateboard. You can also contact them from a fist fight, car accident or any incidents where you receive a forceful blow on your face.

Your facial fractures can get treated if you seek the services of an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. At SkinNsculpt, we perform noncosmetic plastic surgery to deal with issues like facial fractures. After receiving treatment at our clinic, you can maintain full facial function and heal well. Our surgeons will also ensure that you regain your natural appearance.

The primary concern when performing plastic surgery for skin is to reduce the chances of abnormal healing. Although further surgery may be needed in the future for aesthetic and functional purposes, we try as much as we can to avoid such surgery by ensuring proper healing. After the surgery, you may experience some initial discomforts, swelling and bruising. However, the discomfort and swelling will dissipate after a few days. You can return to work one or two weeks after the surgery. Contact us now to get additional information concerning facial fracture repair.