Skin Graft

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Skin grafting is a medical procedure that involves skin transplantation. The tissue that is moved from one part to another one is known as a skin graft. This procedure is usually used to treat extensive trauma or wounding, burns, areas that have extensive loss of skin because of an infection like purpura fulminans or fasciitis and certain surgical procedure that may need skin grafts so that healing to be successful. An example of such a surgery is the removal of skin cancer.

At SkinNsulpt, we employ skin grafts after serious injuries cause damage to some parts of the skin. At our plastic surgery clinic, grafting is performed to serve two purposes. It can be used to minimize the course of treatment required. It can also enhance the function and look of the part of the body that is receiving skin grafts.

Two kinds of skin grafts are available. The type of skin graft that is commonly performed involves the removal of a thin layer from a healthy area of the body. The other kind of skin graft is known as a full thickness skin graft. This type of plastic surgery for skin involves cutting and pitching skin away from a healthy part of the body known. It is riskier than the partial thickness skin grafting procedure. You can get help from our cosmetic surgeons if you have suffered tissue loss in any part of your body.