It is medically termed MICRODERMABRASION and is referred to dermabrading or removing the upper layer of skin by a mechanical dermabrador.

How is skin polishing done?

A wide range of machines are available for polishing of the skin ranging from beauty parlour grade to professional machines meant to be used by medical professionals.

The dermabrasion can be brought about by 2 means-

1. Using a diamond polishing tip

2. Using powder crystal for polishing

Both the methods have various sizes of tips for different body and face areas.

What are the indications of SKIN POLISHING? or Can I do skin polishing for glow/ scar/ aging ?/What does skin polishing do?

The machine can be used for the following indications :

1. Skin polishing- As the uppermost layer of skin containing so called dead cells are removed the lower layer of new cells is exposed yielding a polished shining skin with better and more even tone. So, it is used for instant glow and polishing effect few day before functions and events.

2. It stimulates the lower layers to renew the skin. So, it is anti aging.

3. Over multiple sittings it may cause a little tightening and scar modulation. So, it can be used as anti aging and for mild scars

4. It can be combined with other methods like chemical peels as deemed necessary by the doctor.So, it can have various uses.

Is there any age limit?

None. Any adult can get skin polishing done. Of course, always should be done by a qualified skin specialist who can better understand the type of your skin.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is relatively painfree.

Are there any side effects?

Initial redness and tingling may occur which settles down in an hour or in few cases a few hours.

What is the post treatment care?

Post treatment you will be advised sun protection by using a sunscreen (and any other medication as deemed necessary by the doctor.)

How much time will it take?

30-45 minutes