Hair Transplant

Deal With Hair Loss by Consulting with Top Hair Transplant Surgeons

Hair transplant surgery is done to bring back hair to the areas of the scalp, which have thinning hair or are completely bald. We offer various kinds of hair replacement surgery at SkinNsculpt. These treatments mainly involve hair transplantations, but scalp reduction surgery, tissue expansion of the scalp and flap surgery can also be used. The best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai can perform these surgeries either individually or together to ensure that patients get the best results.

Hair transplantation involves the removal of small pieces of the scalp that are still bearing hair from a donor site and utilizing them as grafts on a thinning or bald area of the scalp. Flap surgeries, on the other hand, involve the movement of hair bearing scalp tissue to bald areas. Tissue expansion enables the hair bearing scalp to expand so that it can cover the areas that do not have hair.

Scalp reduction surgical procedures involve removing balding areas of the scalp surgically and attaching the areas that are still bearing hair. When you consult with one of our top hair transplant surgeons, you can determine the hair replacement method that is most suitable for you. If you do not want to undergo surgery, you will be glad to hear that you can undergo a hair transplant without surgery. We offer various nonsurgical hair replacement options such as medical treatment and the use of well-designed hair pieces. Nonsurgical hair replacement is a good option if you are in the latent phase of hair loss.