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                                                                                                                                                                                                29th January 2014

It was in mid-2009 that I was stricken with a severe warts. What started as a single wart on the upper neck soon multiplied rapidly over a period of few months. By November the condition had worsened so much that more than a hundred warts had developed on my chin, neck and facial areas. It was concentrated in the bearded areas of the face leading to severe problems. Shaving was a major task as avoiding the warts was impossible. And as it is a viral infection, any cut on the wart was likely to spread the infection further. It was a not only a medical problem but a cause of major embarrassment for me. I had to answer scores of people pestering me daily regarding this condition. The problem worsened so much that I started avoiding social functions to avoid this embarrassment. Watching my face in the mirror was itself a mental torture.

I finally decided to seek medical intervention of a specialist. Through a friend’s reference I consulted Dr. Parag Vibhakar on 27th December 2009, who examined me and told me that his wife Dr. Kshama Vibhakar who was a skin specialist had successfully treated scores of people with similar problems. The main operation for the removal of warts was scheduled for 29th December 2009. Dr. Kshama Vibhakar assured me that it was possible to completely treat and cure the problem but would require repeated sittings and patience as any warts recurring would have to be removed immediately. She also laid to rest my fears of permanent scarring by assuring me that the damage to the skin would be minimal. The main operation which was carried out by Dr. Kshama Vibhakar under local anesthesia lasted over two and half hours during which all warts were removed by a highly specialized procedure of Cryosurgery. Further the affected area was injected with a drug to reduce the chances of recurrence.

During the wound healing, Dr. Kshama repeatedly examined me thoroughly to check and remove any warts left behind. Every fortnight I would be subjected to thorough examination and all warts appearing and recurring would be removed through the same treatment. Initially the recurrence was more but gradually lessened and the sittings were reduced to monthly and then as and when required. Dr. Kshama was very patient at every sitting checking thoroughly and carefully for any growth and at the same time allaying my fears through her assurances of a complete cure. Finally after multiple sittings the recurrence stopped completely and Dr. Kshama told me that I was fully cured of the problem. Even the scarring and discoloration of the skin which had occurred in some of the affected area gradually started to subside and finally I was back to my old self. Nobody could make out any disfiguration anywhere and there was no trace of the terrible disease. I could finally go about my life with complete confidence. It is now nearly three years since I was certified as completely cured and there is absolutely no recurrence. The entire cost of the procedure was very reasonable.

I am extremely grateful for the expert care and treatment of Dr. Kshama Vibhakar because of which I could completely resume my normal life with minimal pain and trouble. I wish Dr. Kshama and Dr. Parag Vibhakar all the best for their future endeavors.


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