ACNE, also called Pimples is Universal. From teenage years acne occurs in most individuals in varying grades.


1. Comedonal which may be white heads (closed pores) or blackheads (open pores)

2. Papules and pustules which have red boils or pus filled lesions

3. Nodulocystic in which large nodules merging with each other may be found

4. Scars which may be recent and red colored flat lesions or older ones in the form of pits.


Acne should be treated even in early stages as it may leave unsightly scars which are later difficult to treat.

Severe acne can be psychologically disturbing and affects interpersonal relationships

Many  times acne may be a sign of hormonal disturbance like in Polycystic ovarian syndrome


After consultation with our Dermatologist Dr. Kshama Vibhakar you will be explained what type of acne you are suffering from.If any investigations are required those will be advised.

According to the severity of acne, medications will be advised either only local applications or both oral medicines and local applications.

When deemed necessary Cryo slush ,  Chemical peels, Comedone expression, Laser treatment will be advised.

Scar management using Laser , Micro needling and surgical methods is done where required

Pre treatment and Post treatment care is explained well to all patients individually and all Consultations,follow ups and procedures are performed by our Doctors themselves.


Acne / pimples is an inflammatory conidition of the oil or sebaceous glands of the skin.

Acne occurs mainly on the face but it can also occur on back, neck and chest.

Acne can occur after puberty in males and females.

Almost 90 percent of the population gets acne some time in their life. I t is more common in those who have a family history, oily skin,dandruff, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormaonal issues, on certain medications like steroids and antitubercular drugs, etc.

Routine cleansing of skin atleast 2-3 times a day with a gentle / anti acne cleanser/ face wash.This will prevent build up of sebum and overgrowth of bacteria. Avoid scrubbing of acne or using very harsh products. This can be followed up with toner and moisturiser meant for acne prone skin which specifically prevents blockage of pores.

One should avoid excessive dairy foods, chocolates and caffeinated products. Avoid picking on the acne. avoid aggressive scrubbing, avoid oily creams and products which will block the pores.

Few acne in teenage which do not become pustular or leave unsightly scars can be managed by above means, however recurrent acne with many white heads and blackheads, red painful large acne, pustular acne, nodules and scars need to be addressed by a skin specialist.

A SKin specialist also called a dermatologist with an M.D, DVD or DNB degree in skin diseases is the only right person to treat acne as they have the expertise to diagnose, differentiate it from other causes and treat it in the right way.


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