Hand Trauma

Get Treatment for Hand Trauma at Our Plastic Surgery Clinic

Hand trauma is any accident a person suffers in the hands. It can affect anybody irrespective of his or her age. Although most individuals recover completely from minor accidents, severe trauma may result in a permanent reduction in the functioning of a hand.

Hand trauma can be caused by various accidents, including burns, crush injuries, fractures and lacerations. Industrial accidents, particularly from power tools are common causes of hand trauma. Most athletes also suffer accidents that cause hand trauma.

You can visit a plastic surgery clinic such as SkinNsculpt to receive treatment for hand trauma. At SkinNsculpt we offer treatment depending on the anatomic structure that has been injured. Anatomic structures include nerves, blood vessels, bones, skin, tendons, and muscles. Specialized structures like the fingernail can also suffer injury. In most instances, only a single structure is seriously injured. Often, only a simple splinting or bandaging is required to correct the problems. However, severe cases require surgery. Our plastic surgeon will discuss your prognosis during the consultation. When you visit SkinNsculpt, you can rest assured that you will get the best outcome, regardless of the kind of hand trauma you have.


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